AglaeaGroup - Breaking In The New Girl


AglaeaGroup - Breaking In The New Girl
Petite Asian Channy Crossfire is getting her makeup done by makeup artist Dezi Rae on set to shoot her VERY FIRST porno today. Channy is SO excited to be shooting a DP scene with her porn crush, and when Jack, the lecherous old producer, saunters in, Channy is eager to make a good impression. Jack tells her about his sets, and how he likes everyone to be comfortable and having a good time, then he pulls out his cock and gets both Channy and Dezi on their knees sucking it. Dezi tells Channy that this is a rite of passage for all new girls, and Channy is up to the task! She and Dezi slurp Jack's cock and balls greedily, getting him all ready to slide into Channy's wet pussy first, the Dezi's next. An all-out threesome ensues on set without the cameras rolling, and you get to be along for the ride! Dezi and Channy suck and fuck Jack while hungrily making out with one another until Jack can't take it anymore, and he shoots a thick load into Channy's pussy, pulling out so Dezi can lick the oozing cum up.

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