AglaeaGroup - The Looney Christmas Elf


AglaeaGroup - The Looney Christmas Elf
This holiday season, join the Looney Christmas Elf as she plays with her brightly-coloured red, green, yellow and white balloons. She begins by picking some up, squeezing them, running her nails and fingertips over the surface of them, then blows air into one, filling it then letting the air out. The Christmas Elf adores playing in her balloons, and lovingly caresses one after another, getting more and more excited. She puts one between her legs, riding it, pulling up her elf skirt to give you a view of her lacy black thong underneath. Playing in her balloons makes the Christmas Elf hot! She turns around, showing off her tight ass, as she continues straddling her balloons and running her fingers over them. Surround yourself with the sounds of balloons being stretched, squeezed between thighs and blown full of hot air. The Looney Christmas Elf is a festive treat for all balloon fetishists!

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