Alexandra Snow - Divine Priestess : Sacrament


Alexandra Snow - Divine Priestess : Sacrament
You’ve taken the dive deep into the realm of the goddess. Now, you can see me as beauty incarnate, the way our Lilith intended. But if you want to live in this place with this beauty, you must make a sacrifice. I know you can feel her power coursing through you. A power that stems from your heart and travels down to your now engorged cock. Here in this place, you will prostrate yourself before the and give her your valuable seed. If you want to live with her priestesses, this sacrifice is demanded of you. But take care. Once you’ve given to Lilith, you can never give to any other woman or God unless she demands it. Take your time, initiate. Give your seed as a sacrament to our goddess. Then lock your cock away until she deems it to be of use. Only then will your heart be with Lilith, and me, forever

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