Cali Logan - Batgirl vs Burglars


Cali Logan - Batgirl vs Burglars
Cali Logan, aka BatGirl, is laying in bed when BatCali hears something that startles her! Her BatCali senses are tingling—she’s is getting robbed!! BatCali, instead of rushing in, decides to put on her BatGirl costume (comically slow one might ads) to show those robbers whose boss!! BatCali walks into the living room to find robber, Lydia Vengeance, on the scene. When Lydia turns around, while first in shock, she quickly seems extremely excited! Star stuck! Lydia laughs as if she’s Harley Quinn, and tries to weasel her way out of the situation. BatCali tries to use her gear, but gets distracted by Lydia groping her!! Lydia then grabs BatCali by the pussy!! BatCali seems frozen, in panic and in pain! This villain is getting BatCali weak at the knees, only to grope her even more. Sinthia Bee, robber #2, waltzes in, happy to see that Lydia found something worth stealing! Lydia holds BatCali’s arms back so Sinthia can get a nice touchy grope in too! “You’re never going to get away with this,” BatCali moans, but both robbers just laugh in her face. She struggles, but Lydia and Sinthia turn up their creepy groping and a neckhold to send her nightly night! Once BatCali is out, these robber ladies take even greater advantage of her… They strip BatCali, and grope her titties even more, but that’s not all—time for some bondage! BatCali finally wakes up, topless, tied up to bedposts! These robbers even found some dirt BatCali while she was out. Lydia wants blackmail money AND BatCali’s original suit—she wants BIG bucks for both. They strip BatCali naked, and play with her nude little body with no hesitation. BatCali moans and pleads, but these robbers punish her even more. They put her BatGirl helmet back on and start making a video tape of them groping her naked body all over! LIVE from Gotham—BatCali LOVED getting groped because her panties were all wet AND there’s evidence of a museum heist! The burglars definitely won this one, they took BatCali’s batsuit and her reputation!!! This 32 minute clip includes superheroine, cosplay, stripping, female domination, costumes, rope bondage, blackmail, public nudity, and humiliation.

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