Cali Logan - Mission Failed


Cali Logan - Mission Failed
Superheroine Cali and Superheroine Vonka all caught up again! Each one is tape gagged, tied at the waist, thighs, and knees, while their hands are tied to their ankle bindings! Back to back, they moan and try to break free! Cali flops over struggling... and reveals that tied into her thigh bindings is a hitachi!! Both ladies are struggling in pleasure!! Superheroine Catherine walks in, gives a snide remark, and throws a knife to the ground! Cali moans as she cuts herself free of rope! Next we find Vonka, tied up, all over again... standing, tied to a metal pole. Again, a sexy tape gag to hear her moan, a chest harness, thigh and ankle rope, and the delightful clanging of her handcuffs against the pole. Cali rushes Catherine in, threatening her with the knife! Cali wonders “who works for who?” and suggests there are traders in the agency as she ties Catherine to the pole next to the struggling Vonka. Cali decides Catherine is in need of persuasion...and begins grouping both ladies. Cali has her way with them, tying hitachis to their thighs...until... BAM! Now all three superheroines are on the floor, blindfolded, hogtied, and hitachi-ed, oh my!!! Whoever has done this had taken all of the superheroines captive... for their hitachi pleasure!! What other fun ways can these superheroines be controlled?? This 20 minute clip includes bondage, hitachi, groping, struggling, tape gag, domination, cosplay, costumes, humiliation, and peril

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