Candy Glitter - Goon Fuel


Candy Glitter - Goon Fuel
This clip will serve as a reminder of who you are. This clip will serve as a reminder of what’s really important in your life. You can listen to it while you’re going to bed. You can listen to it while running errands, or working. This clip will help you keep fresh in you mind the fact that gooning and jerking are the only things that truly make you happy in this life. You can go to work. You can spend time socializing. You might even participate in hobbies. But all of that feels numb and pointless in comparison with your one true purpose. All of that feels far off and foggy compared to your GOONING ADDICTION. You might be a heavily focused goon addict as it is. But you also know that it can always go deeper. Your pleasure can go deeper, and your disconnect wider. So take the next step. Go deeper. Stoke the fires of your addiction with high potency goon fuel.

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