DirtyBirdyy - Feeding your Chubby Girlfriend


DirtyBirdyy - Feeding your Chubby Girlfriend
In this weight gain progression vid, you bring your loving girlfriend fast food all the time. In the first scene, I am looking curvy in a pink dress. I see you've brought me a ton of fattening Chinese food! I'm so hungry I gobble it all down, burping from the soda. After, I'm so bloated, and I lift my dress to show you my belly as I pat it and moan. Later on, you've brought me a chocolate shake as requested. I'm looking even chubbier now, busting out of tight shorts and a tank top. I start to wonder if I'm getting to fat and I stand up to show of my chunky figure. In the last scene, I'm in the same shorts, my belly now hanging over the waistband, and a crop top that barely contains me. I'm complaining about outgrowing all of my clothes when you suggest we get fast food again. I question you about how much you've been feeding me and quickly figure out that you like how fat I've gotten. I tease you a bit before revealing my tits and suggesting that I get even fatter just for you.

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role play bbw feeder/feedee fat facestuffing / overeating