DirtyBirdyy - Smelly Fart Slave Humiliation CUSTOM


DirtyBirdyy - Smelly Fart Slave Humiliation CUSTOM
I'm zipping up my mini skirt when I catch you spying on me. What a pervert! I scold and tease you and threaten to fart in your face. I tell you to stay on your knees as I make you my fart slave, and you relish in smelling and eating my farts one by one as I let it all out. Take my farts in your mouth like you deserve! I notice you're enjoying my farts a little more than predicted and humiliate you even more for loving my stinky farts. Watch as I shake my fat ass in your face and make you the fart slave you are! *Video is ever so slightly out of focus* Tags: Curvy, Chubby, Girl Next Door, Amateur, Brunette, Septum, Piercing, Fat, Ass, Booty, Panties, Farting, Gas, Gassy, Smelly, Humiliation,

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