embermae - My Nastiest Yet


embermae - My Nastiest Yet
Happy Valentines bitch. You thought all the ones that came before were nasty? Just wait until you see this clip. The quality might not be the greatest visually, but it's the content that matters most here. I know just what your dirty mind craves most.. so I decided to invite you in while it's going down... you know, when I drop the jewels off at the pool? You get to hear it ALL and watch my face as those little gems splash. What a nasty little fuck you are. As my slave, we both know I fucking own you. That means you accept everything I give you graciously. This video is short, but one of my best of this taboo. Watch it over and over 'til you bust it, pathetic toilet slave. Best enjoyed with headphones.

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taboo pee toilet fetish toilet humiliation toilet slavery