emprexkala - reading one of my poems - where r u from


emprexkala - reading one of my poems - where r u from
some food for those who love intellectually and emotionally intelligent humans. I am reciting one of my poems from my self-published debut poetry collection. it's raw. dense and simple. and I am sitting there elegantly dressed, reciting these powerful words to you.  sexual connection is whole body connection. it's not about the pussy. not about the cock. it's a cosmic, spiritual connection that aligns existence. this poem talks about the womb - where we come from - and the relationship we have with our mother. and because we come from sex, we are sexual human beings. because our own existence and origin has been distorted and turned into a taboo - we need to start from that place we come from: our mother's womb.  the poem does not contain sexual "dirty talk" in that sense. however, it is erotic and sensual...discover why.

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