Freshie Juice - 420 Lesbians with Ava D'Amore


Freshie Juice - 420 Lesbians with Ava D'Amore
Freshie Juice and Ava D'Amore are wearing matching green lingerie outside. Ava tells Freshie she has some devils lettuce, Freshie has NEVER in her whole life tried weed. She decides to try it with Ava. They take turns smoking and blowing into each others mouths. They get hornier and hornier as they smoke until they can't keep their hands off each other and start fucking outside right there. They're eating each others pussies and using a toy, having so much fun until they get CAUGHT by a neighbor! The scene ends upruptly and you hear Freshie and Ava discussing what they should do... in this video you will find: smoke fetish - smoking - lesbians - outdoor sex - sex outside - public sex - caught - pussy eating - dildos

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