Ginary - Akira Shell & Hope Harper Shrink You


Ginary - Akira Shell & Hope Harper Shrink You
Your trying to flirt with cute co-eds Akira Shell & Hope Harper when something weird happens. Akira gives you a kiss and you shrink down to her height. The girls are surprised but your in denial. That is until Hope kisses you and it happens again. The girls are amazed and decide to have fun with you. They laugh about your height and begin flashing you their tits. Your almost forget about shrinking until Akira blows another kiss and down you go. The girls continue to tease you as they play with each other. They shrink you down until our eye level with their asses then strip off their shorts giving you a show. With another kiss their asses are out of reach and the girls laugh at you. They shrink you down until you are the size of a little mouse and they chase you around with their giant feet into a box you keep you. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Hope or Akira? Email us today.)

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