Ginary - Tricked Shrunken & Teased By 2 Sexy Lez


Ginary - Tricked Shrunken & Teased By 2 Sexy Lez
Sadie Holmes and Kiarra NavaHoe walk in their house, happy that you decided to join them after the bar. Sadie and Kiarra ask if you like seeing sexy girls kiss. They blow you a kiss, and you notice something strange happening. The girls tell you you've just had too much to consume. Sadie and Kiarra kiss each other, and Kiarra blows you another kiss. You want real kisses, but the girls just aren't giving it up. You notice you're getting smaller, and they tell you you're crazy. Sadie teases you by pulling out her boobs, while Kiarra plays with them. The girls laugh at you for coming home with two lesbians, thinking you were getting some. Sadie and Kiarra both show off their bouncy tits, rubbing them together. They blow you another kiss, and you shrink farther down. Sadie and Kiarra show off their asses, and strip. Sadie and Kiarra have shrunk you down, and they put their feet in your face. Sadie and Kiarra talk about how they could just crush you on the ground. You try to run away, but Sadie and Kiarra have you trapped. After Sadie and Kiarra do whatever they want with you...they decide to eat you for fun. (Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Sadie or Kiarra? Email us today.)

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pov strip tease tease & denial giantess shrinking fetish