Goddess Vanessa - PINK Lips, Green EYES Seduction


Goddess Vanessa - PINK Lips, Green EYES Seduction
Would you be a darling and hold this hand mirror for me? Awesome! Now that the study session is over I'm all ready to unwind for a night out in town with my girlfriends. Hehe it's going to be fun, but first I want to touch up this adorable shiny pink lipstick. It's so glossy and pink, isn't it? So hot and sexy and velvety and soft.... As I lean in a little closer you think I'm inviting you for a cheeky kiss. Hahahah, don't make me laugh, I exclaim all bratty! You wouldn't want to smear my lipstick, ew! Worship, gawk at it and love how pink and shiny it is as I stare into your soul with my gorgeously bright green, piercing eyes...

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