GoddessFreyaBBW - Winter 2021 Weigh In + Measurements


GoddessFreyaBBW - Winter 2021 Weigh In + Measurements
I'm ready to start 2021 off with a big bang! The best way to track my goals and gains is by knowing my exact starting weight and measurements! I've gotten so big since I've started gaining and I'm so happy to share all this curvy growth with you! After measuring myself (neck, thighs, arm, belly, belly hang, and bust) I take to the sale! And wow, those numbers just keep climbing! After all my weigh-ins and measurements are done, I chat a bit about my dream gain and where the weight would go, my new food cravings, and some mobility changes. I just love being fat and showing off to you! Cheers to a much fatter new year! ** Clip Features: weigh-in, measurements, fat chat, gaining talk, tiny bikini, FUPA

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