Her Kink - White Leggings Cemetery Lane Piss


Her Kink - White Leggings Cemetery Lane Piss
Faye is out walking and she thought it might be fun to wet the leggings she is wearing because they are white and go pretty see through. So she stops near a tree, just off the path, and starts to pee. The legs of her leggings begin to become almost transparent when the pee has run down but she stops - steps back onto the path, saying that's the first little bit - and as she continues to walk some cyclists pass by. As soon as they are gone she leans up against another tree and start to empty her bladder again, piss pouring through her leggings and onto the ground. Oops, she says! Then she paddles where the pee was causing a squelchy noise before heading back onto the path, holding the camera front and back to show off her soaked leggings. She stops and crouches down to show you just how wet they are before walking on and signing off.

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outdoors public outdoor exhibitionism pee jeans/pants wetting