HFGMultimedia - Picnic at the Park


HFGMultimedia - Picnic at the Park
Dacey Harlot wants to get her 600-pound girlfriend Ivy Davenport out of the house, so she takes her to the park for a big breakfast picnic. Dacey tells Ivy she's going to go get her scooter, but Ivy says she thinks she can walk today. Dacey helps her very mobility-limited girlfriend out of the car and assists her with every labored movement as she slowly waddles with her cane to the picnic pavilion. Ivy is so out of shape that she has to stop a few times, but Dacey patiently holds her and dabs the sweat from her face as Ivy attempts to catch her breath. Once at the pavilion, Ivy has Dacey help her into the picnic table but discovers she's much too fat to fit. She asks Dacey to go get her scooter so she has somewhere to sit. Once Dacey returns, she helps Ivy up and over to the scooter, careful to hold her and support her with each step. Once Ivy's comfortable on her scooter Dacey tends to Ivy's personal care needs. She cleans under Ivy's massive belly and changes the sweat-soaked cloth tucked deep into Ivy's belly hang. Once Ivy's freshened up, it's time to eat. Dacey puts on Ivy's bib and begins to lovingly feed Ivy bite after bite of her two huge breakfast platters until Ivy's polished them both off. Once Ivy's finished she rides her scooter back to the car. Dacey helps Ivy off the scooter and into the car. She buckles her lover in using a seatbelt extender to make the seatbelt fit across Ivy's wide belly and kisses deeply her before closing the door.

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