We are a young newlywed couple living in a house with spare rooms. To help pay the bills we decide to rent out the spare room to travelers. In a very short time the business becomes unbelievably successful. In fact we're making obscene amounts of money above the normal market value for a room like this. As I tell you how excited and happy I am that we started this business, you get horny and try to have sex with me but I turn you down telling you that I'm too busy and need to focus on the business... Later that night you roll over to me sneaking out of our room to get dressed up in an ultra hot outfit you've never seen before, your gaze focuses on my sexy heels and feet. This is the most skin you've seen from me in over a year. As I leave the room, you drift off again only to get up again to my moans. You follow the sounds to the spare room and catch a peak of me having sex (without fully seeing the entire scene) as I tell the lodger to cum inside me. You run back to the other room before I see you. The next morning you catch me waiting for you in the living room, still dressed up in my sexy outfit. I tell you how I saw you peeking, how I know it turned you on. Then as if it was the most normal thing in the world, I tell you how I started having sex with the guests and the guests started paying more so I kept doing it... Then I realized that I really enjoy it... much more than I enjoy sex with you. I tell you that it's been so successful that I've built a name for myself and now guests come from far and wide to stay with me and give me the best sex of my life. Now I have a regular, a large wealthy black man who will stay with us for a few years. I decided to make him my boyfriend. From now on I'll stay in the room with him and you will lay in another bed alone. I'll have sex with him exclusively-- off birth control. You'll clean up the creampies he gives me and help raise his offspring when I get pregnant, but I know you're still my husband. So while you will be the maid for the guest room and my creampie cleanup cuck, I will take pity on you by letting you worship my sweaty feet and heels. I'll even give you a footjob so you can cum too, but only after you cleaned up the room to my satisfaction, swallowed his cum from my pussy and made me cum with the cleanup job. Also, you will be my toilet too (I piss on you and tell you to ingest my piss in 2 piss scenes). I tell you not to worry, in a couple years he'll move on and we'll be a happy family with offspring that aren't yours, but sex between us is never happening again, except for fucking my feet and cumming uselessly outside my pussy after you eat my creampies. When he's gone I'll always have another lover for sex. But you will be my loving cuck husband forever.

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