IvyStarshyne - Bad Daughter Gets It


IvyStarshyne - Bad Daughter Gets It
She's obnoxious. She doesn't listen to you. She actually hates you. Your daughter? Well, she's a bitch. And while she's running her mouth and tossing everything off your bed, kicking her shoes on everything, throwing a tantrum - you're thinking... oh boy, she really needs to be taught a lesson. You drop your pants. It's the first thing you think of! And she gasps, then laughs about how you aren't going to do anything anyway. She says if you get near her, she'll kick you in the balls. You inch closer... and closer... she's still talking back, but a little nervous. Then you wrap her panties around her ankles, locking her ankles together. And then take her stupid, ugly shirt and roper her arms through so that she's locked into that as well. And when she grabs for her phone and yells about telling on you, you shove it into her mouth. And finally? You can fuck her, fuck the bitch out of her. Jeez!

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