Josie6Girl - You Are So Small


Josie6Girl - You Are So Small
I am so tired of pretending to be satisfied by your pathetic penis. For years I've been telling you that that 4 inch tiny, useless thing between you legs was "fine". It's not fine. It's sad and I hate when I let you stick it in me. So you're not going to fuck me anymore. In fact you're not fucking anyone anymore. If you want this relationship to last your going into chastity. The only sex your getting from now on is when I allow you to lick my pussy. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to take a lover or train you fuck me with a strap-on. We'll see. Look your little penis is all hard. Well go ahead. Start stroking him. I'll let you cum one last time before that useless, sad tiny thing gets locked away

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