Larkin Love - Empty Your Wallet And Free Your Mind


Larkin Love - Empty Your Wallet And Free Your Mind
The world has lied to you. You think you know who you are? You think you know your value to society? Empty your pockets right now, and set the contents at the table. Open your wallet. Lay out the cash and cards in a neat row before me. You're uncomfortable. I can see you sweating. That's because you're more naked now than ever before. It's because now I know you better than you know yourself. Your life story is sitting there on the table, represented in little pieces of paper and plastic. These artifacts tell me everything about you - your past and your future. I can read them like tarot cards. Undress and think about this: this little pile of paper and plastic is the measure of a man. This is not what you're worth. It's what you think you're worth. But in reality, You're nothing. You're a drone, burdened by the false value printed on a pocket full of paper scraps. You never really owned anything, anyway. You chase money down as if it were live-giving and meaningful, but it never brought you joy. That's because the money was never yours in the first place. Your value isn't in those pieces of paper and plastic. Your value is in serving me. I'm going to take what is mine, and relieve you of the weight in your wallet. Now undress, and look into my eyes as you stroke in front of me. You are going to give me everything you have and unburden your balls as well. Listen to my words. These thoughts I'm putting into your head may seem strange to you now, but in time, they will become actions, and actions become beliefs. You will give me everything you have and fall in love with relief an empty wallet brings. You will go into the world and find me more of my money, and give it to me again and again. This is the thrill you're chasing now, and no matter how many times you do it, it will never be enough. (1920 X 1080p resolution, mp4 format) Contains the following erotic elements: FINANCIAL DOMINATION - FEMALE DOMINATION - MONEY FETISH - MESMERIZE - FEMDOM POV - MASTURBATION INSTRUCTION - JOI

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