Lissie Belle - Slutty Bikinis 4K


Lissie Belle - Slutty Bikinis 4K
Lissie went bikini shopping for his man, he loooooves the slutty micro bikinis, so she thought she would surprise him buy purchasing a few of them to model for him. They have a vacation coming up, and she wants to be the sluttiest for him! She begins to model, but nothing seems to move him, he's not impressed, so she progressively starts modeling even sluttier bikinis, showing even more skin each time, but hubby is still not impressed, at the end she wears the sluttiest bikini which is basically a thread lol and still nothing... pissed off she takes off her bikini, teases him and lets him know he won't be getting any tonight! Time for hubby to spend the night on the couch!

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