Little Puck - Auntie Alien Impregnation Pt 1


Little Puck - Auntie Alien Impregnation Pt 1
A sound erupts in the darkness...awaking Naughty Auntie from her After Work Nap...She looks around confused and hears a disembodied tinny voice speak to her. “Naughty Auntie...Your Hot, Lewd Womb is the Most Perfect Specimen for Our Breeding Ground...We Have Noticed It Is Primed When You Crave the Hot Young Stud...Your Relative's Shaft...Your Nephew's Cock.” Naughty Auntie adjusts her tie and bites her lip and starts petting her pussy anxiously. The voice goes on, “So...We Have Taken Him Hostage. We Will Surrender Him To You On One Condition: Glut Your Slutty Womb...With Our Seed.” A monstrous purple cock appears and wiggles impatiently. Naughty Auntie takes a deep breath, a big gulp of wine, and unbuckles her heels. “Prepare Yourself Naughty Auntie...Think Long and Hard On Your Nephew.” She feverishly plays with her cunt, sucks on her dirty fingers, stands above the Monster Alien cock and Dives In! “If I have to go one more holiday, just one more, hearing some trite ass bullshit about how i'm not a good daughter, not a good sister...well at least i'm a damn good aunt!” Puck is doggystyle on the alien dick talking smack while slowly becoming more and more aroused and horny as she lets the alien pummel her twat….and she pounds her pussy on it right back. She visualizes her goal...her nephew returned to her with a hard horny dick to reward her tight wet auntie pussy. She feels the alien so deep in her, its tendrils tapping on her cervix. As soon as she starts to cum something Even Weirder happens…The Monster Alien Goes Off Like a Fucking Geyser in Her Pussy! Cum Is Pumping into Her A Gallon A Second! Auntie squeals in horny horror and lets it fill her...she loves feeling stretched by Cum! She spreads her pussy and it squelches out two times...but she's so full it squirts out her asshole three times! She shows off her cummy holes and wonders what'll happen to her next…The Aliens Respond: “Primed Pussy Sequence Initiating...Naughty Auntie Incubation Imminent.” Puck snaps back...”What The Fuck Does That Mean?” She rubs her wet pussy in wonder...suddenly a Big Blue Alien Cock appears and thwaps on her pussy demanding entry! She hesitates at first but her sexual appetite knows no bounds and she soon moans in pleasure as she rides the worm! It stuffs her tight hole eagerly, and Auntie grabs a vibrating tool and talks dirty to the new alien dick wriggling inside her. She cums hard as she realizes the alien is popping eggs into her...ONE!…..TWO!...THREE!! “Oh My God! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!” The incubation time only 10 seconds long it seems because they're already erupting out her cunt! She grabs the eggs and tries to offer them up, thinking her task was over….but the aliens say there's more inside her. She smiles weakly and realizes there's eggs in her asshole too! Floods of cum spill out of Auntie as she Pops out TEN ALIEN EGGS from her asshole! She loves the feeling of being so stuffed...her asshole and p...

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