Little Puck - DEMON SEMEN: The Devil's Daughter Pt 2


Little Puck - DEMON SEMEN: The Devil's Daughter Pt 2
THE DEViL'S BACK AND HE WANTS ME TO PAY UP. I'm so fucked....literally. The Lord of Hell wants the price for my devilishly sinful deal with Him...7 hot, burning cumshots in my cunt! He fucks me like a piece of meat, shaking me like a rag doll with his huge fat cock! First he binds me to a bondage cross and I put up a good fight until his fat meat enters me and my tits bounce and my body goes crazy with wild abandon. His nut leaks out of me and I can't believe I have to take 6 more! He then makes me mount him and my fat tits jiggle and bounce as I scream and moan as I struggle to fuck his big throbbing dick. He shoots his demon semen inside me twice more and HUGE HOT CUMLOADS GUSH OUT OF ME. My slut pussy gets only more gooey and sloppy with cum as the night goes on. I then ride him reverse cowgirl and my gorgeous thick ass bounces and will make you cum so fucking good as you watch me pound dick with sexy pained moans. 2 MORE FAT NUTS LEAK OUT MY gaping pussyhole but it's too late, I can't take the 7th, I'm so far gone my whole body aches with demon semen, my eyes are burning black spheres in a hellish haze as I throatfuck his meat, my sloppy mouth drooling and sucking and deepthroating him. I take his nut inside my mouth but I FAILED. I FAILED MY DEAL WITH THE DEVIL. I only took 6 cumshots up the cunt and the vid to see my dark disturbing punishment!! AMAZING FAN DESCRIPTION: We Return to the conclusion of the Faustian tale of the proclaimed Satan Daughter, Puck. The devil granted the power to turn any boy she wanted into her personal fuck toy and after she had her fun, he returned for his end of the bargain…her immortal soul but he’s enjoyed her naughty antics and decided he wanted a taste for himself. He offered her a new deal; if she could handle and take seven boiling hot loads of devil cum into her needy wanting womb, she would earn her freedom on her control. As soon as she agrees she finds herself chained in hell, dressed as Satan’s personal lil daughter school girl slut. Watch as Puck’s bare pussy stretches and gets dominated and crushed into a sopping wet mess after load and load of hot demon breeding batter coats her insides. One orgasm turns to two, two to four, and in a blink of an eye eternity passes with only the Devil, himself, cum shots to mark the passage of time as Puck’s mind slowly implodes from the pleasures and the burning heat from her stomach. Will she receive absolution or will she fall to Satan all consuming power and suffer the fate that she built with each shuddering wave of pleasure? " Featuring 7 cumshots, cowgirl fucking, missionary fucking, creampies, blowjob, cum in mouth, corruption fantasy, transformation, black eye contacts, huge dildo fucking, screaming and moaning, doggystyle fucking, reverse cowgirl fucking, boob bouncing. DEMON SEMEN PART 1 HERE:'s-Schoolgirl-Pt-1/ GIF PACK HERE: www.m...

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