Little Puck - Snake Temptress Kaa Needs to Feed


Little Puck - Snake Temptress Kaa Needs to Feed
Lost in the deep, dark jungle, you come upon Kaa, the Temptress. Her eyes lock on you, her newfound prey, and she promises to take you into her care and save you from the dangers of the jungle. But little do you know the greatest danger is the warm embrace of Kaa as she pulls you close. Her words drip like honey and her eyes soothe you, the way her body sways begins to awaken your lust. She tells you to watch her, to surrender to your desires, she hums, “Trust in Me, Just in Me, Close Your Eyes & Lust in Me.” She strip teases for you, slowly dancing and revealing her breasts and ass, you hear her voice inside of you, talking filthy about all the things you know you want to do to her...she promises that she’ll be your plaything if you’ll be hers. You surrender to her body and she sucks you off, make you throb with excitement before mounting you and riding you hard and fast. Her words slowly begin to’re confused by what she means by feeding on you, and what it means to be inside her forever...but you can’t help yourself now, you’re completely enthralled by her warm wet pussy tightly embracing your dick. As she pulls you deeper and deeper inside of her, the truth comes out...Kaa plans to feed on your cummy cock...and the rest of you too! Featuring snake woman, sensual domination, virtual cowgirl riding, pov blowjob, female domination, strip tease, dirty talk, masturbation encouragement, seductive powerful woman, costume, creampie, orgasm, psychological domination, dildo fucking, vore, eating you alive.

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