Little Puck - Stalker Girl Next Door | Audio Fantasy


Little Puck - Stalker Girl Next Door | Audio Fantasy
I used the concepts from my vids “Horny Lil Trophy Whore” and “Jealous Girl Obsessed With You” to make this audio |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| “Hey! I can hear you….why don’t you open the door? Come on, I know you’re in there, it’s just me….oh! Hi hi hi, yeah, so ummm I was wondering if you could help me with this zipper?? this dress just hugs all my curves it’s sooo hard to get out of...” Your next door neighbor is an oddball but you humor her because even though she’s a bit of a freak...she’s still a total hottie. But each time she comes over the favors she asks of you get weirder and she gets more demanding...her obsession for you only deepens and you start to wonder what’s Really Going On Here...until it’s too late. One night you wake up and she’s snuck in and is in your bed! Nude! And Jacking You Off! You’re not sure what to do but your throbbing dick feels so good in her hands….and she’s so desperate to please you, you can’t help yourself. You end up fucking her HARD and only gets weirder….There’s No Turning Back Now. Featuring creampie, fantasy, yandere, stalker, psycho girl, female desperation, blowjob sounds, virtual pussy fucking sex sounds, begging, dirty talk, storyline, roleplay, audio only, moaning, squealing.

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