MoRina - Fancy A Footjob


MoRina - Fancy A Footjob
MoRina spends some time flaunting her feet in front of you, first in her sexy pink mules. She gives you nice long looks at her soles, toes and super high arches. She teases you with her beautiful red painted toenails. Then she realizes that you're probably pretty turned on and that if you were with her right now, you'd probably fancy a footjob! She'd start the footjob with those sexy sandals still on, pressing on you with the soles..... digging those stiletto heels into your balls just a bit.....She'd eventually take her shoes off and shows you just how she would wrap her arches around the shaft of your cock, and how she'd massage the head with her toes. Moving those sexy mature feet up and down, "walking" you through your foot job, as you get more and more excited. She knows you're ready to explode but she makes you wait while she counts you down from 10 before giving you permission

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