MoRina - Hiring Someone Who Can Resist Her Feet


MoRina - Hiring Someone Who Can Resist Her Feet
MoRina is a business executive who has had trouble keeping assistants. Turns out they all fall in love with her feet and can't maintain professionalism. As part of the interview process for new employees, MoRina has decided she must test how they react to seeing her perfect pantyhosed feet. Lucky you... it's time for your interview! She's wearing a very business-like suit jacket and skirt, beige pantyhose and high heels. While she talks about the interview process, you notice how sexy her legs look in those nylons. First she dangles her gorgeous black pump in front of your face as she continues talking, and then teases with her panthyhosed feet, pointing out her incredibly high arches to provoke a reaction. Well, it looks like you won't be getting the job, because she sees you start to sweat and shift around in your chair, not to mention what's growing in your pants. She's not afraid to call you out on it, in fact she loves to tease

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