MsBiancaBaker - Oink Oink


MsBiancaBaker - Oink Oink
1920x1080 HD You will relax, not think about anything. You will free your mind. I will take total control and implement words and triggers into your subconscious that you will obey. I will take you down to a very pleasurable place, I will ease you and relax you totally. Then I will tell you how you are going to eat 24/7. How you need to eat all the time. You will feel hungry from morning until night and you will eat all the junk food and fast food you can get. You are always going to feel hunger. You want food, you crave food and you want to gain weight. You want to become a big fatty. You will eat so much food you will gain so much that you will change. No girl will ever step foot near you, not that anyone did before but now you will have no chance. You will need to eat because eating fulfills you, makes you feel happy and makes you horny. It makes your cock hard every time you eat and you will stroke after every meal. You won't be able to control it. You will keep gaining and gaining and becoming my very own piggy.. Oink Oink.

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