Olivia Rose - Thanksgiving Man Turkey


Olivia Rose - Thanksgiving Man Turkey
I can't wait for you to be cooked through. This year at Thanksgiving, since I am eating for one, I decided to eat my absolute favorite Thanksgiving dish, Mini Man Turkey! You were locally sourced, and I even used my grandmother's secret man meat recipe to season you just right.  When I pull you out of the oven, your skin is cooked to a decent crisp, just the way I like it. I want to make sure you're still alive when I swallow you whole. No need to crunch you up in my mouth when my stomach can do all the work for me! Boy, am I famished, too! I have been waiting all day to eat you up! I go in for a few licks, but I can't contain my hunger. I lower you into my mouth and swallow you whole, the last light you see is that of my tongue, epiglottis, and the opening of my esophagus. Happy Voresgiving to me!

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