oyabeelovely - Race and Attraction READ DESCRIPTION PLS


oyabeelovely - Race and Attraction READ DESCRIPTION PLS
This is actually a VERY basic video. I don't even dissect any further than just explaining that its a silly thing to ask. I could go more in depth but this I feel is enough for now. Honestly, if you base your attraction or lack thereof solely on race or the color of someones skin, you are indeed part of the problem sorry to break it to you but the truth hurts. Racism as it stands in society today is systematic oppression, white people can not experience racism BUT they CAN in fact experience prejudice and discrimination which is very much alive and well in our society today. Like I said in the video I will not be having any arguments on this topic. You will get a book and be sent on your merry way if you come at me with negativity Sending love always. Peace! Also LOL theres a "black cock" tag but no "white cock" tag what is this world we live in *eye roll*

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