ReenayeStarr - Pizza, Pasta, Belches & Burps *WMV


ReenayeStarr - Pizza, Pasta, Belches & Burps *WMV
I am not sure which is more impressive, my insatiable appetite or my Enormous Burps, as I stuff my huge growing belly with a high-calorie feast and let out a series of increasingly loud, long, deep burps and belches. Stuffing my gut until it's packed tight with food and gas, is so much fun. Join me as I inhale food and exhale epic belches, with offscreen commentary by Lacee Angel who is shocked by the size and quantity of my burps! 16 minutes of stuffing and burping for an incredible price!

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feeder/feedee bbw- ssbbw facestuffing / overeating burping ssbbw