SienaRose - Imprisonment Part 1


SienaRose - Imprisonment Part 1
While traveling abroad I have been arrested and brought in for questioning and you are one of my prison guards. I demand to speak to my embassy because I haven't done anything wrong and I show you my passport. You tell me that I am charged with distributing pornography, which is shocking to me because I have never even seen porn! I am made to strip down naked for an aggressive cavity search before being handed my uniform - a tiny g-string , thigh highs and high heels. I'm not sure what kind of prison this is but I'm sure that the women aren't treated very well here! T Back in my cell I'm made to strip and dance for the guards pleasure, play with myself and get on my knees to suck a dildo that they have brought in for fun. I feel so humiliated and I realize you are not really going to let me go. How am I going to cope?

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