spacesyren - Stoner Blackmailed Into Fuck


spacesyren - Stoner Blackmailed Into Fuck
You're a police officer, and you know from a local informant that I have recently purchased several ounces of pot. Enough to get me arrested and thrown into jail! You decide to use this to your advantage. You show up at my house. I know you from around the neighborhood, and have always had a crush on you so I invite you in. I'm wearing only a sexy pair of black panties and a robe that keeps falling open so that you can see my huge tits. You quickly discover the pot and tell me that you could arrest me. I smile sweetly. Surely there must be something I can do for you so you won’t arrest me? You tell me that since I did actually break the law, a fitting punishment would be to have me smoke ALL of the pot. You'll have to watch me to make sure it’s all gone. I readily agree, knowing that it will make me incredibly horny. My plan is to get really high, and then seduce you with my body. As I start to smoke, I get very giggly and flirty with you. I say, “you should know that I love to fuck when I’m high, so I’m going to need you to fuck me all night with your huge cock." I tell you to take off all your clothes as I slip out of my panties. We fuck with me riding you. I am completely high, laughing as I get fucked. We then move into missionary. As you make me cum, I happily tell you to shoot a huge load of cum on my stomach and tits. I then have a great idea! I tell you from now on when you confine pot off someone, to bring it over to me instead of turning it in. You can keep me nice and horny, and I'll fuck you whenever you want.

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