TheEricJohn - Destiny LoveE Tackles Eric Johns Dick


TheEricJohn - Destiny LoveE Tackles Eric Johns Dick
Destiny LoveE is lying on Eric’s bed as the camera pans up and down her body. Eric enters at her feet and kisses her shoes before pulling him to her and ravishing her. He starts by licking her panties, even having her sit on his face with her panties on; then she gets on her knees to suck his cock. He fucks her tits, and she pulls her panties to the side so he can slide inside her. He fucks her slow and gentle at first, but quickly picks up speed, losing himself in the moment. Destiny sits on Eric’s dick, still pretty much completely dressed, and bounces up and down on it before finally removing her bra. She spins around into reverse, then hops off to give him a shoe job. She gets naked and bends over onto all fours so Eric can lick her pussy from behind before sticking his cock out and letting her fuck herself on it. He tittyfucks her to his first cumshot, then fucks her in spoon to fill her pussy up. He comes one final time on her toes.

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