TheEricJohn - Gaia Wants Cock


TheEricJohn - Gaia Wants Cock
Pornstar Gaia is a sex freak, everything she does is about making herself a better pornstar. From her big beautiful augmented tits to that gym perfect body, she’s all about being the fantasy girl. She’s wearing a tiny little string bikini that hardly covers that amazing figure. Eric John steps on to bed with his rock hard cock all ready to go, Gaia smiles and starts to suck his dick. She works it with both hands and her mouth. It very hot to watch, because she’s already so into it, so lost in the sex. She strips off her clothes, it doesn’t take long because she was barely wearing any. Over her pussy is a star tattoo that says porn in the center. So you know she’s committed to her career. Eric eats her pussy and then fucks her. She’s a moaner, motivating him with her words of encouragement. Eric stepped out for a second but the slutty Gaia is so turned on she plays with her pussy rubbing that pierced clit. She bends over, giving the camera a good view of her shaved snatch and pretty ass. Eric rushes in burying his tongue in her ass, he eats that booty like it’s dessert. He fucks her from behind, her eyes go wide as he sinks that long cock balls deep in her pussy. He fucks her hard as she reaches back fingering her ass. She rides his cock, she’s a bit cock hungry, and she fucks like she’s trying to stay on a bucking bronco. Afterward his cock is tingling and feeling good, he cums across those big tits.

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