UkCuteGirl - Mummified And Vibed In Gas Mask


UkCuteGirl - Mummified And Vibed In Gas Mask
A scary looking guy silently beckons me into shot wearing nothing but sky high stilettos with thigh high hold ups. He says absolutely nothing using only hand signals and his dominance to instruct me. I am made to tape gag myself with a gas mask over it. He is wearing latex gloves grabbing my hair, my breasts, my pussy, anywhere so I know who to obey. My hands are raised above my head and duct taped to the metal frame of the bed. Once in position he taunts me a little more making me wet with excitement before mummifying me tightly to the bed post with stretch wrap. Nervously I wriggle around trying to see if I can get even a little free but its pointless. My legs are shivering with nerves and excitement as he tears open the stretch wrap to get to my pussy. I'm so nervous but as soon as he puts a vibrator on me my legs get even weaker until all that is holding me up is the bondage he's put me in. I can barely breath, I'm sweating and shaking as I feel myself reach a crazy climax cocooned in my own little world!

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